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We have the following unopened package of J. F. Jelenko & Co Dental Extra Cohesive Gold Foil that we would like to sell. While we could give it to a local goldsmith to contribute to a piece of jewelry, it seems like it might be more interesting to someone in the dental industry. The package is not pristine, but it is fully intact as shown in the photos of all six sides attached. It was in my father-in-law’s estate although we do not know why he had it. Our asking price is $150.
Please contact





 Electomallet $150.00 and SSWhite Automatic Malllet $10.00 for sale

Dr. Charlie Buist  contact him at:





Contact :         







Dr Jim Tonn has some Gold Rope, Golddent and a Ash Automatic Mallet for sale. He may be contacted at "Jim Tonn" <> .





I am interested in a gold foil kit. Specifically instruments for preparations, condensation and finishing of gold foil restorations. I also interested in an electro-mallet. Please contact me at:

Dr. Doug Hanneman

Office 319-472-5209






Dr. Richard D Tucker has available vials of "Golddent" for sale. His e-mail :





Jensen Industries of North Haven, CT, now offers Gold Foil (12 sheets per booklet, non-cohesive, 10 cm x 10 cm, 0.25 grams per sheet).
Please contact Ann Pellegrini at 800-243-2000, x 2305 to order in the US or Canada. 






To place a classified you need to contact Dr. John Sechena


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